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Eco Resources Solutions a unit engage in the business of recycling of chemicals contaminated drums offers the solution to concerns about empty drum risk and liability, through the destruction of chemical residues and the recycling of the decontaminated container. Eco Solutions provides a worry free one-stop source for drum management. We have specifically designed for the removal of liquids, sludge and solids from a variety of Drums which contain hazardous and toxic chemicals.


To set up a world-class Chemicals Drums recycling plant to avoid Indiscriminate disposal leading to contamination of land & ground Water.

The objective of this Facility is to establish consistent methods for management of barrels/ containers/ Drums contaminated with hazardous chemicals/ waste which includes procedure of labeling, handling and decontamination and thereby to curb menace possibly caused owing to handling at such informal unorganized sectors.

To promote all the initiatives for proper Recycling and reused of Contaminated barrels/drums to save the earth.


Odisha is a highly industrialized State and houses almost all types of industries including chemical, pesticides, Integrated Steels

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